DIY Bathroom Cabinet & Vitamin Box

Bathroom Cabinet
I ended up having enough of the Wall Pops! Santorini Stripe decal to cover the drawer fronts of my IKEA RETUR cabinet hack. The project cost $55 total after using a coupon, and it probably took around 2 hours to cut out and adhere the decals. As I stated in the Economical Bathroom Storage post, the cabinet accommodates all of our toiletries. The decal adds great visual interest to our bathroom and coordinates with West Elm's Zig Zag bath mat and Park B. Smith Retro Stripe white shower curtain.

I think this is a great hack because it's so customizable. Stack as many IKEA RETURs as you need, and coordinate the Wall Pops! stripe with your decor. Use the cabinet anywhere you need storage!

The vitamin box is after the jump.

Vitamin Box
My partner practices weightlifting, so we have a lot of vitamins and supplements to store. I had a difficult time locating something to sort his products, so I crafted a 14" x 24" organizer that now sits on the top of our refrigerator. The large glass candy jars next to it hold his protein powder.

For a sturdy base and sides I layered two sheets of two-ply chipboard. The center has room for twelve 4" diameter and sixteen 3" diameter bottles. I drew happy pills and medical symbols in Sharpie and affixed some black matboard along the corners. It's pretty utilitarian looking, but I'm satisfied with it.


  1. I love what you've done to the cabinet!!! Really good job. I always try to find new ways to hack stuff and this is really great inspiration! And the vitamin box is so cute, I save so much carton at home(my fiance hate this) just so I can make new boxes.. Anyhow, great job Luna.. :)

    Love Ida

  2. Thank you so much, Ida!

    I keep scraps too! I need different types of paper to construct models for my design program. I try to only hold on to large pieces, and I hide them in a bag behind our sofa.

  3. Haha that's clever.. My fiance made a place for my scraps in our closet(with sertain rules). I bought the frame 'Fjällsta' from IKEA and the white cardboard in the frame(in Swedish we call it "passepartout" - borrowed from French) is the most amazing thing ever! I keep trying to find different kinds of cardboard to use and this was a hit. Unfortunately I can't go around buying frames to get the cardboard ;)

    <3 Ida

  4. I really like the hack. Looks great.

  5. I can't tell you how much I love this! Are this like wallpaper or self adhesive? I'm thinkg about a wallpaper on my "Retur", but wonder what type of glue.. Do you think normal wallpaper glue will work or should I just take paper glue?